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Do long distance relationships really work?

Do long distance relationships really work?

Do long distance relationships really work? This question has been asked for many years and no one really seems to know the definitive answer. Some will tell you that long distance relationships never work out, while others will say they are possible. The answer really depends on the couple and how hard they are willing to work at making their relationship last despite any amount of distance between them. So, how do you know if your relationship will pass the test and survive the distance?

Physical Pitfalls
The number one reason why long distance relationships don’t work out is because of the loneliness that comes along with distance. Not only will you be lonely physically, but emotionally, intimately and financially as well. Combined with the loneliness, communication between couples can begin to suffer as anger and resentment begin to develop from the distance. Not to mention, your sexual relationship with your partner is going to be very difficult. But, you can overcome the physical and emotional pitfalls of long distance relationships if you’re open with your partner. Despite the distance, communication is key to a successful long distance relationship. And, you can keep the intimacy with a little creativity.

Trust and Temptation
Other top causes of a failed long distance relationship are trust and temptation. If there’s no trust in your relationship in the first place, don’t even attempt a long distance relationship. While your partner is away, it’s very easy to be tempted by other potential relationships. Many wonder what they are missing out on by committing to a long distance relationship. To overcome this, you need to remain open and honest with your partner. Any secrecy will damage the trust you have with one another and you’re likely to give into temptation. You can’t avoid temptation altogether when in a long distance relationship, but you can learn to deal with it by being open with your partner.

Even with miles and miles between you, you need to keep the romance in your relationship alive to keep it thriving. If the romance dies, so will your relationship. Yes, it can be hard, but you can keep the romance alive with simple little surprises, such as a handwritten letter or an unexpected visit. By taking the time to reach out to your partner to show them just how much they mean to you, it will get you both through the tough times of not seeing each other.

Distance doesn’t have to be a relationship killer. Your relationship can survive but it won’t be easy. You both need to be committed to each other and to making your relationship work. If your relationship does survive the miles between you, you’ll have a stronger and happier relationship after you’re finally together-- making all of the hard work you put into the relationship worth it in the end.

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