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Why is he chasing me?

Why is he chasing me?

I’ve always been the type to "take hints". Even as a young child I could take a hint and I knew when people didn’t want any bother. Now as an adult I really know how to recognize signs and clues. A person doesn’t have to tell me twice that I’m not wanted or I’m annoying them. I’m a young woman, I have some experience but I’m still pretty green to the world. If I know how to read between the lines then how come so many men don’t? When a guy is pursuing a lady and she’s clearly not interested why he doesn’t take the hint? It makes the woman want to scream out “WHY ARE YOU CHASING ME?”

I personally have been there myself a few times. I’m somewhere, minding my own business, and a man comes up out of nowhere wanting to date me. I try to be nice and polite yet stern when I pass up his advances, but for some reason he continues to chase me. He chases me so much to the point where I find myself going out my way to avoid him. Ladies, I know I’m not the only one we’ve all been there. It really makes us wonder “WHY ARE YOU CHASING ME?”

Yes, females do like attention, chivalry and a good chase. We want a man that’s going to go above and beyond to get us. It’s not that we’re being difficult or vain. However, before we decide to go all the way in and start a relationship with any man; we want to know he finds us worthy of the constant pursuit. Another thing is no woman wants to appear easy or desperate, so naturally we have to give men a good chase. But there’s still a catch to this cat and mouse game. Just because a woman likes to be chased, doesn’t mean she wants to be chased by every man that’s interested in her.

Fellas, there’s a huge difference between a lady wanting you to chase and playing “hard to get” rather than she wanting you to go away because she’s simply not interested. I think one of the biggest mistakes men make with becoming overbearing when pursuing women, is believing it’s a given for all women to be chased. However, read this sentence carefully. She only wants you to pursue her if she actually likes you or is attracted to you. If a girl is giving you the cold shoulder, appearing annoyed, giving you the run around or the chemistry just isn’t there then she’s probably saying to you in her mind “WHY ARE YOU CHASING ME?”

I use to ask myself that question all the time when I had a man coming onto me that I just wasn’t into. The fact of the matter is women are a natural attraction to men. If you’re a female and happen to be an attractive female at that; then guess what, you’re going to attract men. It’s human nature. We, women aren’t aware of this but the smallest things we do attract men and get the attention. From the way we do our hair, to the color of our nail polish, even down to the arch in our feet. When you’re a woman, men are going to get caught up in your essence.

So if there’s a guy who’s into you and you’re wondering why is he chasing you, because you certainly don’t want him, just remember it’s in his nature and he can’t help himself. You would think with all your eye rolls and attitude he’d get the point?

Unfortunately, some people just don’t get it...

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